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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Find the HR Manager with Jigsaw

Jigsaw, a new research tool for business contacts, has become a great way to find contacts at a company...particularly HR contacts.

Example of a Jigsaw search..."Give me all the HR Managers in the 914 area code."

Jigsaw is different than a site like ZoomInfo which trolls the web and other information sources to feed its database. Users are the ones who provide leads to Jigsaw, making it much more reliable information. Sometimes the contacts on ZoomInfo can be out of date. At least that's been my experience. By relying on other people to build their contact list, Jigsaw's information seems more reliable.

I use Jigsaw to find names of HR Managers so I can send them information on my job board network. Job seekers will find this info useful as well. If you are interested in a particular company, just do a company search and see what names they have. Its great for finding department heads. You can also search by job title, area code, level (manager, executive, etc) and even be department (Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Information Technology, etc.).

Having a name at a company can give you a leg up on your job search by allowing you to go directly to the hiring manager. Jigsaw makes this possible. For job seekers, I consider it a must use tool.

For a free trial click here.

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