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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Use a web site to expose your brand

A personal Web site is a great way to market yourself, particularly if you work in the computer or graphic design industries. With it, you can really expand on parts of your résumé that don't fit on a sheet of paper. It's a great way to publish samples of your work, to share your views on industry topics and to provide more detailed information on your skills and experience. In addition, it allows recruiters to find you via search engines!

The basic structure of your site should follow your résumé's outline. Try and reserve a web address that includes your name (i.e.

Brandego is one company that helps executives build their own web presence. Check out some of their work to see how powerful a personal web site can be.

According to their web site: "Brandego™ is the essential career-management solution for executives, senior managers and solopreneurs in a competitive, global marketplace. Brandego will help you differentiate and market yourself through our leading-edge combination of personal branding and sophisticated Web portfolios and career blogs."

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