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Thursday, January 26, 2006

More Vertical Job Search: JobSeekUSA began beta-testing their new vertical job-search technology yesterday; and according to their press release, “ has developed the world’s first job-search engine to use Natural Language Processing to retrieve millions of fresh job listings nationwide.”

My question is do we really need another one of these sites?

It seems to me that Indeed and SimplyHired have cornered the market as far as vertical job search sites go. JobSeekUSA claims that they will be different by offering a natural language search engine. But to me, job searching online is not really served well by natural search queries. Job searching is more precise. For instance, on their site JobSeekUSA give this search as an example:

"Need a Programmer Job in Dallas Texas"

To me this seems much less efficient than typing this phrase:

"Programmer Dallas TX"

As a jobseeker I would rather use a site like Indeed & SimplyHired. They are easy to use and offer more value to their users. Given their head start in this market I don't see JobSeekUSA gaining much traction.


Damon said...


Happen to have caught your blog on our site I'd like to respond briefly as to what we believe will be the future of Simply Hired and Indeed clearly have created dynamic websites. is undertaking something a little different in our model as you can see. Using Natural Language Programming and AI, we feel that over time will cater to loyal group that finds the interface effective in their job search efforts. As it stands, we have definitely created something powerful to the job market, if used correctly.'s website has the ability to learn, guess and think which definately will be helpful in the job search process. The initial feedback we have received since launch date has been pretty dynamic. We have found that because of the technology interface we are able to deliver results on some of the more difficult job titles that otherwise would not be able to be achieved through some of the other job sites. We've also built in many mechanisms which we believe will help Jobseekers find what they are looking for quickly without the filtering process. We felt Natural Language Programming was key to this site because A.) Many search algorithms are looking towards this method now and B.) People have a fascination with AI technology. Whether a person types "Programmer Dallas Tx" or "I need a programmer job in Dallas Tx" the site will still return very relevant results. If a user is interested in just the basics, Title, City and State, results will be inline with the search request. Hope this helps give some insight into what we are looking to accomplish.



C.M Russell said...

Damon, thanks for your comments. Keep me apprised of your sites progress.