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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Genesis of Jobseeking: No Reply At All

The lyrics to the Genesis song "No Reply at ALL" ring true for almost every job seeker...

Talk to me, you never talk to me.
Ooh, it seems that I can speak.
But I can hear my voice shouting out.
But there’s no reply at all.
Look at me, you never look at me,
Ooh, I’ve been sitting, staring, seems so long.
But you’re looking through me
Like I wasn’t here at all.
No reply, there’s no reply at all.

What I'm talking about of curse is the proverbial "Black hole" of applying for jobs by email. Liz Ryan, a writer for Business Week, just wrote an article and basically apologized for the entire HR community. She believes that the behavior of companies towards job seekers is a shame since they mainly dont give job seekers any feedback.

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