Secrets of the Job Hunt


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Be a Job Search Geek

99% of job seekers are all the same. They write the same cover letters and submit the same kind of resumes. They job hunt in the traditional ways.

The other 1% are people like this.

Alexandre Guéniot (from France) is a job seeker for the 21st century. Rather than sending out his resume the regular way he put it online in the form of this flash presentation. Using his computer and graphic skills he created a unique and interesting way to showcase his skills. Word spread about his project and now his flash resume has been viewed over 1 million times online. Eventually he was hired at Microsoft and now lives in Redmond, Washington.

Now I realize most of you reading this don't have the types of skills to do something similar, but my point in writing about him is that today's job seeker must learn stand out in a crowd. Whether you are a computer programmer or an administrative assistant, you must differentiate yourself to potential employers. Do something creative...think outside the box.

Those who do, will get the jobs they want.

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