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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

3 Ideas to Re-Vitalize Your Résumé

The arrival of the new year brings us into "job hunting" season. Many of you will be updating your resume's and I thought I would share three simple tips to give your CV a new look.

1. Add Quotes.
Placing quotes from previous bosses, colleagues or from yourpreviousu performance evaluations is a great way to add value to your resume just add a column on the left or right side and place four or five positive quotes. Call the section "Excerpts from performance evaluations" or ""What my colleagues say about me"

2. Add Logos.
Graphics on a resume should really be minimalized but one trend I've been seeing lately is the addition of company logos. Logos area subtle way to add credibility to your experience. From a hiring manager's perspective it's comforting to see an IBM logo or GE logo next to your accomplishments in that job.

3. Change Your Resumé Subheads.
Rather than writing the standard "Summary of Qualifications", try something like this;

What I offer the XYZ Corporation as your new Marketing Manager

Instead of saying "Work Experience" say this;

Relevant Work History and Examples of Contributions to My Employer

Rather than saying "Computer Skills" change that section to this;

IT Knowledge That Supports Your Operations

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