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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More thoughts on JobSerf

As the first blog to report on the new launch of JobSerf, a job search outsourcing service, I wanted to share some additional comments from their founder Jay Martin regarding the benefits of such a service. It was my contention that the main benefit of such a service was the time savings it offered job seekers. Jay's response is this;

"With a core group of people whose only job is to search the net, we will have,

1 - Better idea of 'which' job boards actually have jobs, and therefore will be able to better utilize our time in searching for jobs than the Customers

2 - The skills in searching will be concentrated and developed in these individuals makingthem far more adept than your average seeker just getting online

3 - By far the most powerful advantage - as we scale up, we will be able to share the leadswe have found and gleaned from the net amongst our Serfs. The important of this is critical. (Like a massive in house lead sharing network database of real jobs) Job searching on the net basically has two activities - finding leads and applying. If you thinkof it in this context, let's say that one typically spends 7 hours searching for every 1 applying. The 1 hour spent applying is really the only 'end result' measure on how much real work was done and value was acheived, with the other 7 a needed evil to reach that.

Over time, JobSerf will be able to capitalize on the work gained from like job seekers to improve thatratio of 7-1 to possibly 6-2, then 5-3 - in effect doubling tripling the amount of real work done forwhat a Customer pays us for. It is this equation which will drive the 'trade-off' cost of dollars per time to the consumerdown to our end goal - less than $1 per hour to get your time back. So in the future the most Customers would only need to spend the $49 per week to get the same amountof jobs applied to is he spent 40-50 hours per week of his own time. This has always been my vision, and it will take a while to get there."

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