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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Next Generation of Recruiting

If your'e a job seeker then its time to come to grips with a new reality: job hunting is more advanced & perhaps more complex than ever. Employers are now using more than just a job board to recruit. It's time you found and begin to use these new methods. The article below describes many of them in greater detail.

Onliner recruiting grows up
Web sites that recruit employees also network - so that co-worker sitting next to you is a potential reference
October 9, 2005

The first generation of online job recruiting was all about transferring print ads to the Web. But now, in what's called the Web 2.0 era, the virtual element of recruiting is all about making connections and strategically massaging data to help uncover and research good leads.Just look what employers in search of job candidates can now do:

~Get their own workers to identify potentially good hires through online referral sites.

~Place ads strategically on Google to catch the eye of passive job candidates.

~More easily query professionals who are two, three, four degrees of separation away in online networks.

All this represents "the jelling of people, ideas and technology," said Eric Puestow, staffing manager in Manhattan with Tommy Hilfiger, who attended last month's electronic recruiting confab, ER Expo, in Boston. Some 300 recruiters and vendors gathered there to discuss the newest trends in identifying candidates and hiring.

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