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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Job Hunting Season

Ever wonder when the job hunting 'season' begins? Unknown to most, there are certain times of the year when more people are job hunting. How do I know this? Well the stats on my job boards ( all seem to point to 3 distinct time frames.

The "first" season begins anew in January. After the holidays has always been the traditional time to look for a new job. I hear the comments every January..."I need to start looking for a new job". After the stress of the holidays many people start to think about their career/life and where it's going. If its going south, their resume comes out of the closet. Traffic on my sites usually spike in January/february time frame. It's also a time when many companies' recruiting budgets open up and job postings go up in number.

The "second" job hunting season begins in May as those fresh college graduates leave their dormitories into the the "real world". Before the summer doldrums begin they want to line up a job if they can.

Finally the "third" season begins in September. My theory here is similar to January. After the summer hiatus, many people just want something better and since the fun of summer is over, the job hunt begins in earnest.

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