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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Don't Get Personal!

I came across the article below on All I can say is what were these people thinking? Just as wouldn't put personal info on your paper resume, the same rules apply to your web version.

The article starts...

"With the job market tight, some applicants are trying a little too hard to stand out. Big companies like Dell Inc., Abbott Laboratories and Sprint Corp. say that resumes increasingly are turning up that contain links to the applicants' personal Web sites, which include everything from baby pictures to political rants to sample cuts from favorite bands. For companies, this is often more than they want to know about a candidate. In some cases, applicants that look good on paper wind up in the reject pile after a case of oversharing.

This has become a bigger problem as more people decide to set up their own Web sites to showcase their personal musings and memorabilia. The trend also is being fueled by resume-advice companies such as that offer to help people create personal Web sites to feature on their resumes. The links are especially easy to include in resumes submitted by e-mail, which is now the most common way to apply for a job."

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