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Thursday, August 04, 2005

9 Things a Jobseeker can do on their Blog


1°) Easier to put online and to update than a homepage, a blog is a communication tool accessible to everybody. You can find free design pack for the creation of blogs, but for those who want to have a more complete and functional tool, we strongly advise you to go with a version you would have to pay for (Couple of dollars a month, hosting included).

2°) Put your resume on free download on your blog, under different format (Pdf, Word…), so recruiters will have the choice.

3°) Why not introduce yourself on video? A video on your blog, will allow you to present your background with visual and sound effects. This method not really used by jobseekers, will wide-spread on blogs.

4°) Create columns on what kind of jobs you would like to do, also detail the good points of you profile, and show the adequacy between your background and the jobs you would like to do.

5°) Do not hesitate to post news about your job position or about the business you are in. The more news, articles… your blog features, the better referenced your blog will be. By the way, you will multiply the chances to be seen and red.

6°) Ask your past employers to write a recommendation on your previous job experiences.

7°) If you have done evaluation or personality tests, and that the results serve you, add them to your blog (available for download).

8°) Don’t forget to put your blog’s URL on your resume, and post your resume on a job board to increase your chances to be contacted by a recruiter.

9°) You can find on jobQos’ blog a “Job Bloggers” column, referencing all jobseeker’s blogs. Post a comment on our blog with your URL to be referenced.In definitive, an often updated blog, featuring lot of news, articles… may be the perfect complement of a resume.

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