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Thursday, July 21, 2005



When it comes to frustration around a process, finding a job ranks high on everyone's top ten list. The Job Search Handbook is a friendly face to job seekers and discontented employees who want to improve their job search process.New York July 25, 2005 – The Job Search Handbook, the most comprehensive and concise guide to finding a job available today, was released today to the public. Published by and written by the editor of HireSites’ weekly newsletter, Scott Brown, the Job Search Handbook is based on the cumulative experience gained from helping job seekers all over the country with all types of roadblocks and challenges they faced in the job search process.Helena Zagorski, a real estate broker in New York City who used the Job Search Handbook said, “As someone who has studied and benefited from innovative job searching ideas like those taught at the 5 O'clock Club, I thought I knew everything there was to know about job searching. Reading this book gave me some new insights and perspectives into the process that I wasn't aware of before. If I ever have to look for a job again, I will definitely use the Job Search Handbook as a reference."

The Handbook’s unique format breaks down the job search process into ten easily understandable steps. Each step includes a discussion designed to provide the jobseeker and discontented employee with expert advice along with exercises they can do on their own to become proficient in that area. In addition, each section also includes a list of relevant websites which jobseekers and discontented employees will find helpful.Job seekers and discontented employees will know whether the Job Search Handbook is right for them by their answers to the following pop quiz.

1. What is an "elevator pitch" and why do you need one?
2. What is "job stretch" and how can you get it if your employer doesn't offer a free gym membership in their benefits package?
3. Is it true that posting your resume can be more effective than responding to job ads?
4. Is it true that there's a magic phrase you can use to increase the chances your networking contacts will help you get a job?
5. How are cover letters similar to pick-up lines delivered in singles bars?Why is listening more important than talking in job interviews?Written in an open, easy to follow style, the Handbook is also interwoven with “Continual Improvement,” advice designed to give jobseekers and discontented employees a leg-up on the competition.Jim Essey, former chairman, American Staffing Association and current CEO, The TemPositions Group of Companies, noted that even with the large number of self-help employment books on the shelf today, the Job Search Handbook still stands out.

“The Job Search Handbook is an excellent job seeker's guide. It provides well-thought out advice on how to land a new position--everything from negotiating salary to how to handle tricky interview questions is included. And the comprehensive list of online job search resources is a great reference to have at your finger tips."

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